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burg n : colloquial American term for a town; "I've lived in this burg all my life"

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burg (plural, burgje)

Old English


burg variant spelling of burh.

Old High German


From Germanic *burg-. Cognate with Old English burh.



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Burg may refer to:
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Stadt, banlieue, boom town, borough, bourg, burgh, city, conurbation, crossroads, exurb, exurbia, faubourg, ghost town, greater city, hamlet, hick town, jerkwater town, jumping-off place, market town, megalopolis, metropolis, metropolitan area, mudhole, municipality, one-horse town, outskirts, polis, spread city, suburb, suburbia, town, township, urban complex, urban sprawl, urbs, village, ville, whistle-stop
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